About Us

Rev. Ralph Ryberg, a mission developer, came to Columbus on April 16, 1956. With house to house visits Rev. Ryberg organized Reformation Lutheran Church by December 2nd 1956. The membership included 258 adults and 274 children. Services were held in neighboring schools: Shady Lane, ABC Playschool and Whitehall Yearling High

Pastor Ryberg secured 5 1/2 acres facing Hamilton Road for $39,800. The Synod of Ohio contributed $11,000. In 1958 the congregation purchased the auxiliary buildings from Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Grandview for $1000. The buildings were torn down and moved to the present site' on Hamilton Road where they were reconstructed. The first service was held in the church on Thanksgiving Day 1959

The second unit of our church, a new sanctuary, was built and completed on December 7, 1974. Rev. Olan Peters was the minister at that time

Each pastor has made a contribution to our church. We have had eight pastors: Rev. Ralph Ryberg, Rev. Olan Peters, Rev. Keith Hammer, Rev. David Hinkelman, Rev. Douglas Ogden, Rev. Jeffrey Wise, Rev. Kathy Arbaugh-Patmon and our current pastor, Pastor David Ritchie.

To every planner who has planned
To every worker who has labored
To every soul who has prayed
To every friend who has sacrificed
For every encouragement
For every suggestion
For every gift, thank you

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