Mens Club News

Three members of The Men’s Group (Pastor, Rob and John) decided to have a little preliminary warmup session prior to going to fish for Walleye on Lake Erie on the 24th and 25th of May so…….they took a trip out to The Wilds of the Columbus Zoo to get their lines wet. They left early Monday morning so that they could be there for their 9AM to 1PM slot. They were met there by their guide, Craig and took off for the fishing ponds. One the way to the ponds they passed the White Rhinos, deer, giraffes and a few other of the inhabitants. When they arrived at the first pond John and Rob caught a few blue gills and a large mouth bass or two. Pastor, however, just kept bringing in the blue gills, hand over fist…or gill. While we were there he caught around 24 of the little blue…fish. After about an hour and a half, they moved to a different pond. There also, Pastor kept reeling in the blue gills…..he quite counting. As the time approached when we had to leave so that we could get to Ronald McDonald House in time, all of a sudden, Rob got a bite and after a little tussle, hauled in a good size largemouth bass (5 pounds?). Now that his adrenaline was back in charge, he wanted to cast out “one more time” ….AND…he hauled in another largemouth that was a little bigger than the previous one. Well, after that we DID have to leave so we hog tied Rob up, threw him into the jeep and left the fishing hole. All in all a fairly productive day.



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