MEN’S GROUP FISHING TRIPS The Reformation Men’s Club has had a couple exciting events in the last few months. They went up on Lake Erie on May 13-14 to fish for Walleye. This year those who attended were Pastor Ritchie, Pastor Jeff Wick, Bill McGillis, Jim Wilson and John Rushmeyer,. We drove up Monday, May 13 to Oak Harbor and stayed in a single wide trailer in a park along with other trailers and small condo houses. The next morning we went to the docks of Sea Breeze Charter (just across the street…almost) at 5:30 to get our boat and captain. We left the dock around 6:00 AM and headed “out to sea.” The Men’s Club started a tradition this year of taking the pole of any member who passed away that year. We lost a great guy and good friend this year, Herb Docken. Herb wasn’t an avid fisherman. He just liked to go out and enjoy being away from the city life. So, the first thing we did when we arrived at our starting point was to rig up Herb’s fishing pole and cast the hook out into the lake. As it turns out, Herb was the first one to catch a walleye AND it may even have been the biggest one too! We stayed out on the lake until about 4:00 PM and between us caught 5 or 6 walleye, a couple other fish and more than enough muscles. When we returned to the dock, we handed our fish off to the fish cleaner guy, loaded up our stuff, went and had something to eat, picked up our cleaned fish and headed back to Columbus. We had a Good Time, Good Fellowship, Good Food and a Few Good Fish. It doesn’t get any better.

WINE MAKING 2019 Another almost annual event is making the communion wine at Buckeye Winery in Newark. This year Pastor, Jim Wilson and John Rushmeyer ventured to Newark on July 25th to do the preliminary step of mixing the water, flavoring, something else and the yeast. The “mixture” needs to sit for 4-6 weeks. After that, the Men’s Group will head back to Newark and bottle the wine and bring it back to church.

TRAVERSE BAY SEPT 2019 Pastor and I (John Rushmeyer) left to go to Traverse Bay and fish for salmon and trout on September 2nd . About 30 minutes before they arrived at Traverse City Pastor called Captain Jeff to let him know we were almost there. The fish time was Tuesday morning until late Tuesday afternoon but Captain Jeff asked us if we would want to go out around 5 PM that night. The weather was a little “Iffey” for Tuesday so he thought we could go out Monday night and then if Tuesday was a washout, we at least were able to get some time in that night. We stepped on the boat about 5 and stayed out till dusk. We both caught our limit of Lake Trout (which is Michigan is ONE – see picture) and headed back in. We would have normally gone out Tuesday morning around 6 AM but we waited until the light rain shower stopped. We ended up heading out at 7 AM. Pastor was the first one to catch a fish which was a nice sized CoHo Salmon (pic). About 30-40 minutes later First Mate Dave was bringing in a line to change the lure and a fish took the hook. Dave took up the slack and then handed it off to me. About 10 minutes later I hauled a 20 pound King Salmon into the boat……AND….during the time I was playing with the King, one of the other lines took off. It turns out another fish hit on one of the other lines. First Mate Dave handed that off to Pastor and he hauled in another good size CoHo. That was the last fish we caught. We stayed out a little longer. Captain Jeff kept watching the radar and weather reports so around 11 AM we knew that we better start heading into the dock. The rain started coming down harder and the wind and waves kept getting larger. As we approached the dock and marina the waves were around 5 feet high with whitecaps and the wind was around 30 knots. It wasn’t a Perfect Storm but it was a good approximation! In spite of all of that, IT WAS A GREAT TRIP! .”












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